New Church Address ´´ Wendenweg 5 44149 Dortmund.´´

About Lhim Church


´´ I will give them joy in my house of Prayer. For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.´´ Isaiah 56:7


We are a Multicultural church with the life of God and therefore we are flourishing and thriving as we reach out and Minister to every nationality with the uncompromising truth of the word of God.


We are a reaching out church, reaching out to the lost and descipling the reached, making an eternal and often immediate difference in the lives of people. Seeing people saved, healed, restored and renewed is the most rewarding part of our work.


´´ Winning souls and making Disciples´´     dictates everything that we are about as a Ministry and church. The two elements, ´bringing souls in the Kingdom and house of God  subsequently making disciples of them´ go hand in hand.


Serving, loving and ministering to others is our passion, which is why we work at providing an environment that welcomes and uplift others.

We are a free church. Free in our worship and also independent from the state. This means that we are not financially supported by the Government but by faithful members and partners.


Is God calling you to assist in the vision that He has given us ?


Then please consider Partnership with us.

Donate online and support this vision either monthly or with your one time gift.


Your seed and donation makes quite a great difference.


Partner with us


The Scriptural purpose of Partnership is so as to fulfill the God given Vision and every belever has a role to play in fulfilling the great commission no matter how small or big a person´s ability is.


You can Partner with us in two ways.


1. Partners in Prayer


We strongly believe in the power of prayer because we know that when people pray, something happens and thats why we need your Partnership in prayer for us to fulfilll our vission. ´´Reaching out and enriching lives.´´  and thus fullfilling the great commission.


2. Partners in giving


As we are involved in missions, we need resources to reachout to people and enrich their lives. Support us financially to fulfil this God given vision. ´´Reaching out and Enriching lives´´ Your committment to Partnership with us is such a big blessing.

Directions to our New Church Address in

Wendenweg 5 44149 Dortmund


From Dortmund Hbf. Train station, take S1 to Dortmund Oespel Train station, then take Bus Nr. 470 to Hedwigstraße (2 stops) then walk less than 10 Minutes. The Building is opposite Hellweg Baumarkt.


You are welcome !

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